Consent to travel for a minor

A notarised travel consent allows a child to travel with just one of their parents, with other relatives, friends or even unaccompanied. This has become an increasingly regular requirement from different government authorities as they look for ways to prevent cases of child abduction. As a result, when a parent is taking his/her own child on holiday or to visit family abroad, it is now often necessary for the non-travelling parent to issue a written confirmation which shows that they have given their consent for the child to travel.

When a notarised consent is required, this will involve the parent or parents booking an appointment with a notary to sign the document in the notary’s presence. Proof of identity and address will need to be presented to the notary and, in some cases, the person signing may need to present proof of his/her connection to the child. Depending on where the document is to be used, the notary’s certification may need to be complemented with an apostille issued by the Foreign Office and, sometimes, with a consular legalisation. We are able to offer advice and arrange these procedures for you.

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