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November 22, 2021 12:58 pm Published by

Written by Pilar Cerrutti

Bankia and CaixaBank have merged; the technological integration of the two entities, which now operate as a single bank, was completed on the 15th November 2021.

The main changes will take place in accounts, cards and digital banking. Users have been receiving information about the new features their products and services will have, but if you are (or rather were) a Bankia customer, here are the most important aspects of this change:

  • New account number: The IBAN code for accounts from Bankia has changed. However, Caixabank redirected direct debits to the new account, so the customer does not have to do anything.
  • The numbering of the current cards remains unchanged, so it does not affect the regular payments associated with them; they can be used until their expiry date.
  • New fees for accounts and cards: These will depend on the type of associated account. We recommend contacting the Bank for more information.
  • New online banking and new app: Both the Bankia app and the Bankia website will disappear and customers of the new entity will have to operate through CaixaBankNow (with the same passwords used to operate with Bankia) or the imagin app, depending on the product they have. In addition, to validate certain transactions such as transfers, it will be necessary to download the CaixaBank Sign app.

For their first access to CaixaBank’s mobile banking system, users will be able to use the same passwords they used with Bankia but will also need their mobile phone for the security checks required by the system. Clients should check that the financial institution has updated their number, otherwise their digital operations will be limited.

  • The integration will not affect the conditions of the mortgage or personal loans that customers have signed with Bankia, as their contracts will remain in force.

However, it is advisable to verify that the changes have been made correctly, so we recommend that you contact your bank office or contact us ( so that we can guide you on how to obtain information.

Very important: Cybercriminals are on the lookout for any possibility of scamming. The latest steps in the absorption of Bankia by CaixaBank have led to an increase in attempted scams via e-mails requiring certain information to be updated. Keep an eye on the communication you receive via SMS or email. It is very important to pay attention to the web page where you enter your bank details. If you detect any fraud attempt, it is important to notify the bank via email:

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This post was written by Pilar Cerrutti