Notarised travel consents for minor children

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Written by Natalia Ciobanu

We are a Bristol based law firm dedicated to assisting people and businesses with the interaction between English law and foreign laws. Travel Consents are very often overlooked by parents travelling abroad with their minor children. The need also arises where children are travelling without either parent, for example with an adult friend of the family or a grandparent.

The non-travelling parent should sign the Travel Consent in the presence of a Notary Public in order to ensure it is capable of recognition abroad. Some countries, in particular South Africa, issue the Consent in a prescribed format which is available to download from their Embassy. Where possible the travelling parent should also sign the Consent in order to demonstrate agreement to abide by its terms.

The Consent can cover:

  • Identity of the various people concerned
  • Dates of departure/return and travel itinerary
  • Agreement to return the child to the country of departure
  • Consent to medical treatment being authorised whilst overseas

Apart from ensuring the child will be able to board the plane, the Consent is also designed to assist with the fight against human/organ trafficking (the average age of teens being trafficked is 12 to 14 years old).

It serves as a way of protecting children and can be prepared at relatively short notice.

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